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Eupora High School Junior/Senior Prom

Date: April 6, 2019

Location: Spring Hill Schoolhouse





  • Seniors - $30*
  • Juniors - $60
  • Dates - $30

 *Any senior who was enrolled at Eupora High School as a junior and did not attend the prom that year must first pay the previous year’s junior ticket fee of $60 before they will be allowed to attend the prom as a senior.



  • December 21, 2018ǂ

Half of your ticket price is due as a deposit on your ticket (non-refundable)

[Seniors - $15, Juniors - $30, Dates - $15]

ǂA junior, senior, or date may sign up for the prom after this time at the discretion of the prom sponsors dependent upon available space.  The price of a ticket will be double after this date and their name will not be added to the list until they have paid their non-refundable deposit for half of the ticket price.


  • March 8, 2019

The remaining balance of your ticket price is due (non-refundable)

[Seniors - $15, Juniors - $30, Dates - $15]

There will be a $10 late fee if the remaining ticket balance is not paid by this time.



  • Eupora High School juniors and seniors are invited to attend the prom.
  • Eupora High School students not in good standing may not attend the prom.  This is at the discretion of the school adminstration and prom sponsors.
  • Anyone invited to the prom may bring one date.
  • Prom dates must:
    • Be at least in the 10th grade
    • Be under 21 years of age
    • Be enrolled in or have graduated from high school or an equivalency program
    • Not have been suspended/expelled from high school, college, an equivalency program, or the military
    • Not be accused/found guilty of a crime



  • No one attending the prom may take their personal vehicle to the prom.
  • Everyone attending the prom must meet at Eupora High School and will be transported to the site of the prom by the transportation provided (charter bus, school bus, etc.)
  • Anyone who fails to board the bus at the time of departure will not be allowed to attend the prom.


"The Depot"

  • To cut down on traffic congestion, only those attending the prom will be allowed to meet at Eupora High School prior to boarding the buses.  All others must go to the Depot.
  • Upon leaving the school, the buses will stop at the Depot for approximately 15-20 to allow family and friends to have pictures made with those attending the prom.


Prom Committee

  • The prom committee will consist of Eupora High School juniors who will be responsible for planning and decorating for the prom.
  • The prom committee will determine:
    • Location
    • Theme
    • Decorations
    • Menu
    • Transportation
    • T-shirts



  • The prom committee design a t-shirt for the prom based on the theme and colors.
  • T-shirts are not a fundraiser and will be sold at cost.
  • They will be on an order basis only and not extras will be made. 


Prom Sponsors

  • The prom sponsors are Eupora High School teachers who will be responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of the prom.
  • All money will be paid to the prom sponsors and they will give suggestions and guidance to the prom committee.
  • The prom sponsors are:
    • Tyler Gray
    • Kimberly Cummings
    • Jill Dillinger
    • Linda Stewart